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Sisal Soap Bag

Sisal Soap Bag

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Our Sisal Soap Bag is great to bubble up and foam your soap, and also perfect for holding soap when it gets too small.

Sisal is made from the agave plant, providing gentle exfoliation and helps lather your soaps. Invigorate & cleanse skin to reveal fresh silky soft skin, and stimulate circulation.

100% Natural.

Usage directions:

  1. Put soap bar in Sisal Soap Bag.
  2. Wet Sisal Soap Bag, rub to produce bubbles and use on body. Use Sisal Soap bag on skin to exfoliate.
  3. Hang to dry.


  • Hang to dry after every use. Do not allow to sit in wet puddle.
  • Remove soap to wash every week or so.
  • Machine washable.



  • Natural Sisal
  • Great way to use and keep small pieces of soap
  • Perfect for exfoliation
  • Machine-washable

Product Care

  • Wash weekly, or more often.
  • Machine washable.


  • Net Weight: 20g
  • Size: 14 cm x 11.5 cm
  • Made in China


100% Sisal from Agave

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"This soap bag is so cute! Very useful for using in the shower. My soaps won't get lost when they are small now."