About Us

Tsuki Soap is a local Singapore brand, and we make natural handmade soaps, scrubs and body products that are made from all natural ingredients and free from harsh chemicals and detergents.

Tsuki Soap is a Singapore brand making natural handmade soaps and bath products. Our soapmaker Judith makes all our 100% natural and plant based soaps and body care products.

Tsuki Soap makes natural handmade soaps that are made for all skin types, including sensitive and dry skin.

We use only natural ingredients and oils that are moisturising and provide gentle cleansing for the skin. Our products are all free from harmful chemicals like SLS, SLES, sulphates, detergents, perfumes and fragrances that can irritate skin.

Our products are all made with sensitive skin in mind, as our maker and founder created Tsuki Soap for her own use as she too suffers from ezcema and sensitive skin. Coming from someone who suffers herself, she wants to provide the best natural soaps that work for her sensitive skin and also for others. 

Meet the Maker

Our handmade soap story bubbled in 2020 after Judith had been making soap for more than a year.

She began on soapmaking as a way to help her own skin as she has sensitive skin and eczema. She discovered natural handmade soap had a very positive effect on her skin.

We love natural products and disliked heavy perfumes and fragrances. Thus, we keep all Tsuki Soap products natural and only use essential oils.

"We believe in providing high quality products that are great to use, gentle on the skin and wonderfully scented that makes you feel loved."


Meaning of: Tsuki Soap

Tsuki means moon, and is also a pun for the word suki which means love. We chose it as our name as it encompasses our love for soap, our inspiration for our soap and also that we can share love through Tsuki Soaps.