Where Do You Sell Tsuki Soap?

We currently sell Tsuki Soap online & whenever we have pop ups!

Keep updated on our pop ups via our instagram @tsukisoap!

What ingredients do you use?

Tsuki Soaps are made with high quality natural ingredients. We use botanical ingredients and essential oils, and do not use any synthetic fragrances, perfumes or colours. 

Are Tsuki Soaps good for skin?

Yes! Of course! Read more about handmade soaps here.

All our Tsuki Soaps are 100% handmade by cold-process method - both bar & liquid soaps.

Soap Use & Care​

How do I use Tsuki Soaps?

For hands & face:

  1. Wet your hands or face.
  2. Wet your bar of Tsuki Soap, or pump some of your liquid Tsuki Soap in your hand.
  3. Lather the soap in your hands
  4. Wash your hands or face! 

For body:

  1. Wet your skin.
  2. Wet your bar of Tsuki Soap or pump some of your liquid Tsuki Soap in your hand..
  3. Rub your Tsuki Soap directly on your skin and wash all over!

You can also use a loofah, sponge, washcloth:

  1. Wet your skin
  2. Wet your loofah, sponge or washcloth
  3. Wet the soap/ Pump out some soap on your loofah, sponge or washcloth
  4. Rub the loofah, sponge or washcloth a few times on the soap. 
  5. Lather up and wash your body! 

How To Take Care of Your Tsuki Bar Soap

Tsuki Soap natural bar handmade soap have no hardeners added so they can get soft quicker than commercial soaps out there. So a few quick tips to care for your soap: 

  1. Don’t let your Tsuki Soap sit in a dish of water. 
  2. Let your Tsuki Soap dry in between uses and it will last longer.
  3. Try not to wash your soap in running water when you shower or bathe to keep your Tsuki Soap lasting longer.
  4. Keep your unused soap in a cool and dry and dark place, as the essential oils will lose scent naturally over time but keeping it well will help keep the scents last longer. 

How Long Can My Tsuki Soap Last?

Tsuki Soaps are made to be hard, but as they are natural soaps, and will get used up quickly if used in the shower. 

For body: about 3 – 4 weeks

For face & hand washing only: up to 2 months

Letting your bar soaps dry between uses will help your Tsuki Bar Soap last longer. 

If you have any other enquiries, contact us:​

Email us directly at or Chat with us!