Tsuki Soap's natural handmade soap selection. 4 bars of natural handmade soap made with only natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals, no perfumes or fragrances, on a wooden plate.

What is natural handmade soap?

Natural soaps are made from combining oils and lye. Natural handmade soaps are real soaps made by hand like here at Tsuki Soap.​

What is natural soap?

 Soap is made from a process of combining natural oils or fats with a strong alkali (lye) – for bar soaps it is typically sodium hydroxide or for liquid soaps it is potassium hydroxide. During the process of making soap, the oil combines with the lye and results in a final product of soap and glycerin.

At the end of the soapmaking process, all the lye used to make soap is used up and none is left behind in the soap.

Simplified formula of Soapmaking

Natural soaps contain soap and glycerin naturally.  

What is natural handmade soap?

Natural handmade soaps are made by hand, in person by the soapmaker. Here at Tsuki Soap, I am the soapmaker and I make all our soaps by hand.

The benefit of making natural soaps by hand is that I am able to maintain the quality of my soaps as I make them in small-ish batches, so I can make sure they come out the right way just for you.

Are handmade soaps 100% natural?

At Tsuki Soap, we pride ourselves at making 100% natural handmade soaps. We use 100% natural ingredients and our soaps are made the old-fashioned and natural way of combining oils and fats with lye to create soap. Our additions of essential oils, oats, coconut milk, rice and clays are also all natural, never using artificial fragrances or perfumes.

There are many types of handmade soaps out there, some also say they are made of 100% natural ingredients. However, if you look closely at their ingredients list, you will know whether they are true natural soaps or a reconstitution of glycerin, surfactants/detergents and other ingredients to make “soap.” Some even contain SLS and other harsh detergents. Many times they are called body bars, facial bars or similar because in the USA, by law, only true soap made with oils and lye can be called soap.

What is the difference between natural handmade soaps and other body washes?

At Tsuki Soap, our natural handmade soaps are all formulated to be very gentle and yet cleansing, thus being able to be used on your face and body. All our soaps are natural handmade and made from 100% natural plant based oils like olive, sweet almond, coconut, rice bran and sunflower combined with lye to make soap. Glycerin is kept in our natural handmade soaps and provides a natural moisturising effect combined with the oils and other hydrating ingredients to make our Tsuki Soaps very gentle, moisturising and a good soap.

Commercial body washes on the other hand are a base of detergents and surfactants (makes things bubbly and clean), combined with other components that may or may not be 100% natural. This makes them harsher and can include ingredients like SLS that can be an irritant to the skin.

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What are the benefits of using Tsuki Soap’s natural handmade soaps?

  1. Moisturising
    The natural glycerin retained in our natural handmade soaps help to keep your skin moisturised, soft and wonderful. We make our soaps to cleanse gently, so you won’t feel oily or sticky after using our wonderful handmade soaps.

  2. Extra Skin Nourishing Ingredients
    Our natural handmade bar soaps contain extra moisturising ingredients like honey, oats, rice and coconut milk to help nourish your skin. These natural ingredients help moisturise and nourish the skin while gently cleansing.

    We only use essential oils to scent our natural handmade soaps and these essential oils like Lavender, Rose Geranium, Sweet Orange, Rosemary, Tea Tree and others also have natural healing benefits.

  3. High quality ingredients
    Our soap formulas prioritise you and your skin. We choose oils that will provide greater moisturising properties and are more nourishing for the skin – like olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, rice bran oil and sunflower oil.

    Our soaps are all 100% natural, biodegradable, non-toxic and are all free from SLS, SLES, sulphates, parabens, phthalates and silicones.

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What natural handmade soaps do we have at Tsuki Soap?


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