How to Make Your Natural Handmade Soaps Last Longer

How to Make Your Natural Handmade Soaps Last Longer

You bought a handmade soap, and then you find that it seems to get used up so fast... didn't she say it should last about 1 month? Why is it disappearing after 2 weeks or just 3?

I've been in your shoes! So I have found the best way to help your handmade soap last longer.

Keep your handmade soap dry. DRY.​

The most important and effective way to keep your soap lasting longer is to keep it dry. Keep it as dry as possible.

Your handmade soap loves water so much, you have to keep them away from it as much as possible.

Use a soap dish.

The easiest way is to keep it on a soap dish – that drains, meaning the water will not collect together with your soap. You do not want the soap to sit in a puddle of water, not even for 30 minutes!

If you don’t have a soap dish, get one!

A soap plate will work, but do make sure it gets dry over time. And no water is collecting in it.

Keep your handmade soap away from water.​

Especially if you are not using a soap dish, which I will ask 'why?' and direct your attention to my previous point, keep it in a place far away from water.

This means away from the shower or tap or anywhere with direct splashing of water in the shower or sink. Note: from personal experience, some people get lots of water on their soap even when its not anywhere near the shower because when they splash their face or splash their bodies, the water flies literally everywhere. So take note!

Let it air, or dry out. ​

Let it air. So that it can get dry. If you find that your soap is already moist/wet when you want to use it, it means it has not had time to dry between use.

I don’t know about you, but we typically only use the shower and get it all wet and steamy, 2 or at most 3 times a day. Thus, apart from those times, our handmade soaps have time to dry out and air. That is because it is not kept in an environment that is steamy and humid, so the handmade soap is in the open, drying over those few hours.

If need be, take them out of the shower, or even the bathroom. I’ve done that before because there was a particularly humid bathroom and I didn’t have a draining soap dish. So I put it in a little plate and let it dry under the fan over the span of the day.

Get everyone their own handmade soap.​

Also, if more than one person is using the soap bar, it tends to get used up way way faster. Like faster than 2x faster – which mathematically should be the maximum speed it gets used up, right? Not! It gets used up so much faster.

I realised it is because the handmade soap gets wetter and has less time to dry between use when more people use it!

So now, I have forbidden my husband from using my soap and have my own soap dish. That way the soaps can last longer because they have more time to dry!

Tip: Let each member of your household use their own soap bar to help it last longer.

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