Custom Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gift

Our handmade soaps are a great way to show your appreciation to your team & clients in a unique and sustainable way!

What makes us stand out?

  • High quality natural soaps
  • Beautifully handmade
  • 100% Pure Natural ingredients
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  • Scent/Type

    ● Honey Oat

    ● Rice

    ● Lavender

    ● Lemongrass

    ● Sakura Rose

    ● Peppermint

  • Design

    ● Natural Colours - Pink, Yellow, Brown, Black or Natural

    ● Customisable Stamps (eg. Initials)

  • Packaging

    ● Labels/Tags - Customisable text, colour

    ● Bags - Linen bag, Non-woven bag

    ● Boxes - Kraft box, sliding box, with window

orange glow liquid castile soap tray

Bar Soap or Liquid Soap

All our soaps are lovingly handmade and very gentle on the skin - perfect for all skin types.

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  • Scent/Type

    ● Pure - Unscented

    ● Lavender

    ● Lemongrass

    ● Sakura Rose

    ● Orange Glow

    ● Mint Refresh

  • Size

    ● 100ml - flip cap

    ● 300ml - pump bottle

    ● 500ml - pump bottle

  • Packaging

    ● Labels - Customisable design, brand logo, text, colour

    ● Bags - Linen bag, Non-woven bag

Why Tsuki Soaps?

At Tsuki Soap, we make 100% natural handmade bath products - bar soaps, liquid soaps and salt body scrubs - that are suited for all skin types.

We use only natural essential oils for scent and aromatherapy, for the best of all our customers.

We make all our soaps with 100% natural ingredients and are formulated to be suitable and gentle enough for sensitive skin too.

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